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Corporate Membership FAQ

   What is the registration code to register non-bundle member employees for meetings?

Your corporate registration code is individually assigned to your organization.  The bundle administrator for your membership should have the code, and will be able to share it with you.  Each year, upon renewing your organizational subscription, you will be assigned a new registration code.  If you have any questions about your Corporate Membership registration code, please contact

   Does the meeting fee of $20 for bundle members change? 

No. Each bundle member will continue to pay the $20 meeting fee for each meeting they attend. 

   Can only the five members under the Corporate Bundle attend the meetings?

No, any employee from your organization can still register as a guest of the corporate bundle and pay the reduced $20 guest rate! 

  How does the employee register as a guest to attend the meeting?

Here’s the great part - the bundle admin doesn't have to register each guest or add them to the bundle!

The bundle admins can pass along the Discount Code above to their employees to use when registering as a guest of the corporation. The code will be needed for any employee not included in the bundle to register at the $20 rate. As the bundle admin you can distribute the code to any employee you’d like to take advantage of the reduced meeting rate.  

   Why the change?

The Maine Chapter loves providing you with engaging topics and great networking opportunities and we want to continue to do this for many years to come. Part of our responsibilities as a Chapter of the National Association of Talent Development is to meet the national standards each year. Restructuring our membership levels helps us achieve those standards and ensures we can continue to remain a sustainable Chapter.


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